Introducing Donnagucci


*deep intake of breath* A Londoner a former model a certified make up artist and nail technician I took a career leap by joining a major British airline where I travelled to many places around the world whilst climbing the corporate ladder to management level I eventually accepted the offer of voluntary redundancy when the economy began to dip *exhaling* I never cease to value love and life and continue to follow my dreams so after allowing my creativity to run free once again I recently achieved a City and Guilds certification in Interior Design I am currently in the process of studying hard for the degree at the prestigious University of the Arts London with a focus on designing hotels and commercial projects so when I feel inspired by a visit to the many design shows and exhibitions I get invited to or if I am simply feeling any form of style this blog is the place to share it and I really hope you feel it too!
Miss D xx

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Disclaimer:  All photos here are taken by me (using my iPad 3) unless otherwise stated. If you would like to use any photo please give me a credit ;). Only my own personal views and opinions are expressed throughout.



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