Trick of the Light

Over 200 international exhibitors from 26 countries came to Brick Lane to display their designs at Tent London last month during London Design Festival and I was in design heaven. In my next three posts I will show you some of the pieces that caught my eye. Just look at these gorgeous wooden lampshades and the curves on the beautifully crafted larger pieces all made from cherrywood. At first I was so taken by the highly unusual shapes that I couldn’t take my eyes off one in particular. Then someone lifted the lid. Wow. It was a storage box! Aptly named ‘illusion box’ by the creator Hungarian Laszlo Tompa (those are his hands by the way). 20121003-175523.jpg 20121003-175613.jpg 20121003-175631.jpg 20121003-175649.jpg Follow my blog with Bloglovin