A new crafting space called ‘imaginerium’ at the back of fabrications in Broadway Market Hackney has recently opened and a quick browse through their website led me to book a place on a sewing day being held in conjunction with brother sewing machines.
The store itself is full of all the sewing knitting and craft items you can think of and the decor is very cosy and homely with a great sense of calm.
Downstairs is where the workshop is located. Each table had four sewing machines on them. I was greeted by Rachel from the sewing machine company and Barley Massey who owns the store and also teaches the classes she graciously invited me to choose a piece of fabric. This I was assured would become a holder/pouch for scissors and tape measures and suchlike. I politely asked if there would be the opportunity to knit too (I do enjoy knitting) as the last time I had used a sewing machine was as a child.
Well, after being guided around the workings of these modern machines there was no stopping me. Trying out the fancy stitches and moving the fabric through while maintaining the needle speed with the foot pedal was not so difficult after all.
Who would have thought that going to a sewing lesson in an amazing space would result in me feeling so content? Here are some pics from the day.

20120919-023954 PM.jpg 20120919-024005 PM.jpg 20120919-024026 PM.jpg 20120919-024149 PM.jpg 20120919-024215 PM.jpg 20120919-024229 PM.jpg

20120919-023942 PM.jpg