Round My Way

I reside just minutes away from the Olympic Park and have to admit to you that watching the whole spectacle of the Olympic Games preparations unfold over the past six years had me feeling more than a little jaded convinced it was one big inconvenience for local people, but that was up until this morning! Awaking to the whirring sounds of low flying helicopters circling overhead and listening to the BBC Radio London presenters describing the joyous scenes as the Olympic Torch Relay edged ever closer to Stratford Town Centre piqued my curiosity. Somehow I found myself standing on the High Street along with hundreds of others waiting excitedly to catch a glimpse of the Olympic Flame and the Torch itself. It was designed by fellow East Londoners Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby who have created a beautiful piece of art that represents the London 2012 Olympic Games perfectly in my opinion. Well, I only happened to be at the exact spot where it was being handed over to the next runner. Without thinking I dashed across the road to get a closer look and seized my chance to record this historic moment in pictures. It was during those hectic seconds that I “got it” – the biggest sporting event in the world is coming to my town. Let’s all celebrate. Well a girl can change her mind…can’t she?

Please let me know if you recognise the lucky Torchbearers their obvious joy was infectious!

20120721-210611.jpg 20120721-210819.jpg 20120721-210850.jpg 20120721-210914.jpg