Beyond the Pale

On a warm and rainy afternoon I was wandering down Upper Street in Islington making my way to cass art shop to top up my supplies of colouring pencils. Having remembered that Atelier Ahern was also located in the vicinity I decided to make a quick detour.
Interior Designer Abigail Ahern has a design style that is an exciting break from the ‘norm’ of white or pale walls and perfectly placed pieces.
Eventually I found her shop which felt to me like arriving at a wonderful eclectic oasis from the wet weather outside. There was so much to see. I just stood there at the door my eyes moving from the huge brightly coloured faux hydrangeas to the equally huge mirror on the wall to the array of extremely touchable cushions piled onto shelves sitting next to it.
Unfortunately she wasn’t there but I was told she can often be found moving the pieces around or coming in with arms full of new items from far flung corners of the world.
After eventually closing my mouth, I was given permission to take a few pictures.
I hope you like what you see as much as I do…